Where to find free fonts

Have you ever wished you could quickly find a font that looks like handwriting, graffiti or “Olde Englishe”? Our favourite site is www.dafont.com

“Da Fonts” are free and you can “test” your type to see how the words look in a style before downloading it.

Select a style in the top menu and scroll through all the pages to preview the fonts available in that category.

To download a font, click on the name to open it. Click the download button and save the zip file to your desktop.

On a PC, add it to your fonts by unzipping the file to My Computer/C/Windows/Fonts. On a Mac, drag the fonts to the System Folder.

You may need to re-boot your computer to have it populate your various software programs like Word or Photoshop. Once it’s added, you’ll see the name of the font appear alphabetically in the drop-down for the text choices in every one of your programs.