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Kits Media creates custom responsive WordPress sites for professionals in finance, medicine, healthcare and the law. Our managed hosting and emails on a Canadian server are ideal for American clients concerned with privacy laws.

We include free SSL encryption for maximum security of your intake forms and confidential emails. Our sites, databases, and custom forms are designed in-house. Our sites include thorough search engine optimization and back-up systems. Contact us for a confidential, no-obligation discussion of your needs.

Shebbeare Law
Shebbeare Law

Dr. Roy Holland
Dr. Roy Holland

Lindsay Morphy Law

Dr. Sam Winter

Women Empowered

Feng Shui Consulting

Dr. Jane Remocker, Autism Services

Dr. Ron Remick, Psychiatrist

Fertility Law BC

Red Ball Solutions

Lovick Scott
Lovick Scott Architects

Realcap Financial Services Corp.

Wonderkids OT Occupational Therapy

Randy Savoie

Pathfinder Forum Pathology

Rishi Gill, Criminal Law