WordPress updates

WordPress is the most popular content management software for websites. For example, at this time, 65% of the websites in the world are built on WordPress and only 3% on Wix. Small pieces of software called plugins extend the WordPress platform with galleries, calendars, Facebook feeds, Google maps and other features.

The most important drawback to WordPress is its vulnerability to hackers. The solution is to have us install your site on secure, managed hosting with a good backup system, and update your software – including WordPress, themes, plugins and widgets – twice a year.

Installing WordPress
Wordpress is a framework of 1300-1500 files. We begin by installing the WordPress software on a host server. The WordPress framework, plugins and widgets are created by other people – we simply assemble them and modify them to suit your needs.

Next we make a page design (called a theme). These are original with us and every one of our clients has a different look. We start with a basic theme from WordPress and make a “child theme”, then customize the layout and text styles to get the look you want. To protect your own security we prefer not to use free themes, although we can match any free theme you like.

After we install WordPress and customize a theme, we make sure your plugins are compatible.

Your blank pages are now ready for content. You can send text and images to us and we can make pages with your content. Or you can add your own images and text.

At Kits Media, we install a back-up free of charge for the first two years of your site. If something happens, we can get your site working again in a short amount of time. We offer managed hosting on a Canadian server for an added layer of security for our Canadian clients.

Software updates
There is no charge for helping you add content to your site. We can talk by phone, make screenshots with instructions, or even a video tutorial. However the software itself is constantly under development and it needs updating twice a year to prevent malware and hacking issues. We will notify you when it’s time – generally in April and October. The cost is $55-65 each time. The software updates include the latest versions of WordPress, themes, plugins and widgets. During our software updates, we also check for issues with your site, like an unreasonable amount of spam attached to your posts, and make recommendations to fix them.