WordPress support

supportKits Media offers ongoing support at little to no cost for the sites we build. We will tell you how to add posts, replace slides, update and edit pages, add images to galleries, add events to calendars, embed videos on pages, and any other support you may need, all at no charge.

What if I mess up my site?
If you run into trouble, just phone or email. We’ll get back to you the same day with instructions at no charge. We will also repair small mistakes you might make at no charge.

How about hosting issues?
If you have a managed hosting account with us, there is no charge for helping you with any email or other issues that may occur on your server. Please learn more about our Canadian hosting at Kitsilano Websites & Hosting

What happens if I get hacked?
We install a backup system on all of our sites. If your site is hacked, we can restore your files the same day. Without a backup, there is no other copy of a WordPress site!

Do you charge for editing things later?
No there is no charge to have us add or edit small amounts of content at any later date. If the additions are more extensive, we will give you a price before doing them.

Is there a maintenance cost?
No we do not charge any maintenance fees, but we highly recommend updates every 6-9 months. We visit our sites on a regular basis to see if we can spot any problems that may have occurred, and either fix them at no charge or bring them to your attention if they are more extensive. We take pride in our work for the life of your site. We also recommend you have us install a backup system at an annual cost. Call 778-244-8102 for more details.

How do I know who visits my site?
We are happy to help you understand your Google Analytics reports at no cost.

How about WordPress software updates?
We recommend that you allow us do the updates for new versions of WordPress and your plugins when they are released. This occurs once or twice a year. We have a very small nominal charge of $65 for this service. If you try to update your site yourself, plugins may not update properly. We offer this service to protect you and save you the cost needing to repairing things for you. Read more about WordPress updates

A small but important issue
Kits Media guarantees industry standard work. We expect you will be using your site as a content management program to add, remove or edit content. Unfortunately we cannot be responsible for changes made by you or other party to the background code, specifically by modifying, adding or deleting custom themes, style sheets and plugins. This is to protect you, as we will no longer have a full understanding of your site, your files and the functionality.