Should you make your own WordPress site?

The short answer is no.

You need a properly configured WordPress installation, reliable themes and plugins, search engine optimization, Google verification, and proper backups and updates in the future. Your site deserves someone who does this for a living – someone who follows changes in technologies full-time, and knows how to keep your site current and protected.

Is an SEO marketer a WordPress developer? The short answer again is no. A professional developer does information design, builds child themes, creates custom style sheets, edits text, optimizes images, installs the most reliable plugins, and tests your site extensively. A professional developer knows how to make your WordPress site safe and secure from malware and hackers. A professional developer will make all parts of your site mobile and fully functional on every device, and knows when the technologies need updating.

At Kits Media, search engine optimization is part of everything we do on your site, not something we “add on”. Organic SEO is critical for the success of your site! Your site needs to be built the right way, indexed the right way, submitted to search engines the right way, and verified by search engines.

Your website is your face to the world and the first impression people will have of you. Rarely will anyone phone or email you before they check out your website. They want to learn something about you, see samples of your work, and reassure themselves that you are the person they want to hire. People are more likely to take the next step if your site looks professional, is easy to navigate, and full of useful, well-written and edited information.

The best case scenario
Hire a professional website developer to design, build and optimize your site, then have them support you or your employees as you add more content. At Kits Media, we support you for the life of your site. We’ll walk you through it, make a video tutorial, or send screenshots with instructions – all at no extra cost.

Should it cost an arm and a leg to have a professional website? Definitely not. Call us today at 778-244-8102 for an estimate and let us surprise you. We want you to get a better return from your website.