Search Engine Optimization

We have very good success getting our clients a high ranking on Google using only organic methods.

What do we do to ensure your success?
We start with a clean, consistent site architecture and built usability into every aspect of your pages. We recommend a secure server that does not share your IP with other sites that Google may ban. We make sure you have the right text, heads, types of links, tags and verifications codes. We pay attention to the file structure and the way that pages, folders and even image files are named.

After the site is built, we test on all major browsers. We obtain verification codes for your site, make an xml sitemap, and submit your pages properly to an account we create for you on Google.

Our commitment doesn’t end there. We follow up over the months to check the success of the search terms we have used. We make sure you are not picking up any undesirable back links, or “bad” sites linking to yours. We will set up your account so you can view your own visitor statistics.

Our SEO services include:
∙ determining your external links
∙ measuring your traffic
∙ adding or revising meta tags, alt tags and page titles
∙ creating sitemaps and submitting them to search engines
∙ adding verification code for Google search engines
∙ installing Google Analytics scripts
∙ making links to social media sites like Facebook and Twitter
∙ adding social media “share” links so your visitors can help share your site

We include organic search engine optimization with every site we build. Call us about your site at 604-731-7020 and we’ll be glad to give you an assessment at no charge.