You can be #1 on Google – Myth #2


Maybe. A very, very, very remote maybe. And it is definitely not something that anyone can promise you. Here’s how it works.

If someone types a search term into Google and if a match for that term is found on your site, Google will continue to scan your site and evaluate more than 200 factors in less than a second.

These factors can include:
– who links to you
– what their status is (ie if a university or bank links to your site, their link will be more valuable than a link from a small company site)
– who you link to and how relevant their own content is to your content
– how long your site has been online
if it has been sufficiently optimized with meta data for search engines during the entire time it has been online
– how much traffic your site gets compared to other sites with the same search term
– if your content contains a complex enough mix of key words and phrases
– if you have at least 250 words of content on each page, the text is not repeated elsewhere, and the phrasing is original
– if your content is completely original and can’t be found on any other site (Google can tell in a split second)
– if your site has a large number of pages with a mix of information, pictures and tables (Google likes a mix)
– if the search phrase is used a sufficient number of times throughout your website but not TOO many times
– if Google can find verification codes, xml sitemaps and analytics for your site (these are missing on most sites, which will give you an advantage if they’re done right)

And these are only 12 of 200 other factors that Google weighs in relation to the content of your site. Many are unknown and never revealed. It’s even more staggering to think that this happens in less than a second.

While Google is forming an impression of your site, they are simultaneously scanning hundreds of thousands of other sites containing the same search term for the same 200 factors – and deciding where you fit in comparison to the other sites.

Their findings are further filtered through the searcher’s geographic location. Companies with sites closest to the visitor will be displayed first. The findings are also filtered by the searcher’s own previous searches, site visits and the sites their friends and coworkers have visited (the latter depending on the masses of history Google has been collecting about their online activities for years).

Finally you have your ranking in the list. Will you come up on page one if you are high in the ranking? Probably not… the first page of Google results only has 15 places. The first 3-10 are usually a combination of paid ads and Google Places listings. Which means that the chances of your site showing in the remaining spaces on the first page – called “organic” results – were just cut in half for most search terms.

Companies that guarantee results on page 1 of Google generally use link-mining methods that Google does not approve of. “Guaranteed SEO” people sell monthly accounts. You pay them to create hundreds of back links to your site every month (link farming), which can sometimes work to temporarily put you on page 1. But Google will gradually drop your site in their ranking – or remove it – and the back links will have to be re-submitted. Which means you’ll be paying for the same work over and over.

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