Terms and Conditions

We recommend that web hosting is obtained a company we approve, or that clients use our managed hosting on a Canadian server.

Surcharges apply for configuring work on unapproved hosts, or extra time incurred by incorrect passwords, non-compliant hosts or forwarding domain names.

We cannot guarantee the server’s minimum uptime, and are not responsible for any damages resulting from possible lapses in hosting services, including any lost profits or business interruption or loss of digital data.

Clients must maintain their hosting in good standing, including changes in credit card information, credit card expiry dates, changing hosts, domain names or server accounts.

We are not responsible for lapses in payment that may result in losing your domain name or your site going offline.

Copyright and Authorship
The Copyright Act of Canada recognizes Kits Media as the owner of the copyright to any original works that we create for incorporation into a website, including but not limited to the site design or template design, photographs we take, and any areas of original coding such as databases, calendars and extensively modified plugins.

Kits Media will retain ownership of the copyrights and any associated rights to any of the works created by Kits Media for incorporation into websites.

Clients may not alter, sub-license, or attribute to any other entity, any works created by Kits Media for a website. Such works were created for the sole purpose of incorporation into the website and cannot be used for any other purpose.

For example, a subsequent developer/designer/programmer/marketer or photographer is not allowed under The Copyright Act of Canada to take credit for the site, to use photographs taken by Kits Media, or use areas of original coding on another website, without our permission.

WordPress Disclaimer
Kits Media guarantees industry standard work. We expect clients to use their sites as content management programs; that is, to add or edit content. We provide free support for a reasonable amount of assistance. Read more

We cannot be responsible for changes made by clients or other party to the background code, including templates, style sheets or plugins. In the event of such changes, we regret we can no longer work on or assist with the site.

WordPress and related plugins need to be updated when new versions are released. We notify our clients and offer a reasonable cost for updates. If the client or another party performs updates, we regret we can no longer work on the site. The intention of this disclaimer is to protect our sites from potential damage by incompatible plugins and other coding changes.

Other websites
This website contains links to other websites. Kits Media is not responsible for the privacy policies, practices, or content of such websites.

Please contact us with any questions you may have at info@kitsmedia.ca