Choosing a host

Choosing a host can be a tricky business. Most people go by brand names like “GoDaddy”, or by the cheapest price, and both choices can quickly lead to major problems. Your site should be hosted by a stable, reputable company with fast connections and weekly backups. For a small amount of money, there is an enormous difference in the quality, security and service of hosts.

At Kits Media, we don’t recommend hosts that allow adult sites of any kind (pornography, gambling, etc) on shared hosting, because your Google rankings will be affected. Popular hosts that allow adult content include Hostgator, Dreamhost, Justhost, Omnis, Supergreen, Hostican and Canadian Web Hosting, but the list is much more extensive because most hosts allow adult content.

When you get an account with a host, you are assigned storage space on one of their servers. The storage space has an address called an “IP” address, and it is shared with other websites. If Google flags or bans a website sharing your IP because it has adult or spam content, the whole IP address is flagged or banned – including your files. To avoid this situation entirely, we only recommend hosts who do not accept any kind of adult sites.

In addition, we only recommend hosts who do daily or weekly backups of your files – especially for WordPress sites. WordPress files are vulnerable to hacking. The only copy of your files is on your host’s server. We have had clients who hosted with GoDaddy, Hostpapa, Canadian Web Hosting and other popular hosts, and lost all their files to hackers. This was a major loss because there were no backup files we could re-install.

Third, we only recommend hosts who make access to the back end (administration panel) of your site easy and efficient. WordPress currently has more than 1500 files in an installation. We’ve found that the only way to ensure the installation is complete is to do a manual installation, and to do the security settings properly.

We do not recommend hosts who use Windows servers, and we do not recommend servers hosted by individuals.

Kits Media offers managed hosting on a Canada-based server, located at a Vancouver data centre. Our managed hosting costs $6.60/month and does not go up after your first term. You’ll share managed server space with our other clients, giving your site a higher level of security than server space shared with strangers.

Learn more about our managed hosting at or phone 604-731-7020. We’ll be glad to give you good advice at no charge.