about Kits Media

responsive website design vancouverWelcome to Kits Media! You’ve come to the right place.

Kits Media is a website design company located in the quiet Kitsilano neighbourhood of Vancouver, British Columbia. As a small business, we take a personal interest in the success of your website.

We offer support and updates for the sites we build at no extra cost. Our service and support is outstanding and lasts for the duration of your site. We encourage you to read more about our free WordPress support

What makes us different?

  • We make our pricing transparent and clearly explain each process.
  • We suggest different options to meet your budget.
  • Every site is original – no free, purchased or previously developed themes are used.
  • We can work with you to develop your own design and ideas, or create something new and unique for you.
  • We only build sites with responsive design at this time.
  • Our navigation and usability systems are praised by visitors for their ease of use.
  • We achieve high Google rankings through in-depth organic search engine methods with no additional monthly fees.
  • We offer the option of managed hosting for more secure and spam-free websites.
  • We’re available by phone or email at no charge to help you with issues or problems – for the life of your site.
  • We make a long-term commitment to your website and keep you informed when updates are needed.

What do we offer?
Kits Media is a one-stop shop for everything from website design, responsive websites that scale well for mobile devices, writing and editing, graphics, WordPress modifications and search engine optimization to dynamic database-driven directories and online stores. We pool our significant experience, talents and skills to efficiently produce websites at a fraction of the cost and time charged by larger companies.

We can build you a website, sort out your hosting and email problems, fix things that don’t work, design a brochure or business card, optimize your video and audio files, or make a slide show. We have extensive experience with database solutions and designing interfaces for dynamic pages. We provide search engine optimization and verification to get you good rankings on Google.

Our costs are low because we do it all in-house. You get a first-rate site without paying for extra overhead. The owner of the company is a former professor of multimedia and IT who is also a highly-published writer and on the board of directors for the Better Business Bureau. This is the level of experience and talent we offer.

Why we’re a good choice for WordPress websites
Although they sound simple and easy to build, WordPress sites can be more challenging than HTML or PHP sites. Every WordPress site starts with the installation of a group of more than 1300 files, plus the installation and activation of numerous plugins, each of which can have hundreds of files. Starting within a few weeks or months of your website launch, WordPress and the plugins need to be continuously updated to patch security leaks. It’s important that your developer continues to take care of these updates long after the site is built, or you can acquire serious problems with malware.

WordPress is not a very good platform for hopping between developers, especially if their work is not industry standard. Even the installation of an additional plugin that isn’t compatible can break plugins already installed. Read more about updating WordPress sites

Kits Media is a highly-experienced local company who will provide support and updating for the life of your site. We offer same-day assistance (generally at no extra charge) to anyone on your staff who will be adding content or updating content in the future. Read more about our free WordPress training and support

Our history
Kits Media started in the 1990s as a CDROM publishing company. In the late 1990s, we began building websites for numerous departments and schools at the University of British Columbia, including 6 sites for the School of Journalism. In 2001, we began creating websites for artists, galleries, small business people and professionals. Take a trip down memory lane with us

Many clients have been with us since our early days and are now on their second or third sites, taking advantage of new technologies as they emerge. In addition to our ongoing work with HTML, PHP and Perl, we build custom WordPress sites for local businesses, professionals and organizations.

Learn more about our work and our recommendations for you
We don’t just build sites, we support our clients in learning more about their sites. Each section of our site – HTML sites, WordPress sites, and Artists & Galleries (which is a mix of both HTML and WordPress sites) – has its own side menu.

The side menus have links to all kinds of information useful to our clients. For example, if you have a WordPress site, you’ll need to know more about the importance of WordPress updates. Or maybe you just want a quick tutorial on adding a video. If you have an artist or gallery site, you may want to know more about taking photos of your artwork, or protecting your copyright. We also offer a Blog section where we write articles of topical interest.

Please link to our HTML, WordPress, and Artists & Galleries pages to see lots of samples.

We look forward to talking with you about your own project.